SA Haraka Kodu (Magpie House Foundation), Harjumaa, Maidla küla, Estonia

The main objective of the “SA Haraka Kodu” Foundation was to create a home for young people with mental and multiple disabilities. The idea had been maturing since 2006 and stemmed from the aspiration to be able to offer suitable accommodation to students at the Salu School (an educational establishment in Ääsmäe, Estonia, for children with severe mental disabilities) when they left school. The youngsters are to be offered further training options in line with their needs, so that they have the best chance to lead a fulfilling life. The main aim of the project is to allow 24 young people to live as independently as possible. Three terraced houses were built first, followed by a detached house and a main building. The official opening of “SA Haraka Kodu” took place on 30th May 2012.


  • Project completed in May 2012
  • 14,580 m2 fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards