Fitness Centre in Freiburg, Germany

On account of poor workmanship and the installation of plasterboards that were unsuitable for areas exposed to extreme or continuous moisture, water had been penetrating the fabric of the building over many years. In the end the entire Fitness Centre in Freiburg had to be gutted. It was then re-finished using the dry construction method. Despite some of the walls actually being rounded, in line with the expectations of sports enthusiasts, the centre was soon back in operation for training sessions. Just three and a half months were available for refurbishing an area of approx. 1,750 m² and this project has now opened up new perspectives for classic dry construction.


  • Refurbishment of areas exposed to extreme or continuous moisture
  • Project completed in 2010
  • fermacell Powerpanel H2O / fermacell Powerpanel TE and Drain Outlet Element