Retirement Home, Seekirchen am Wallersee, Austria

In ten years‘ time approximately 100,000 people living in Salzburg will be more than 65 years old. Consequently the demand for nursing care will also increase. This makes investment in extending existing retirement homes and building new complexes all the more pressing. As a result a retirement home for approximately 80 residents was built in Seekirchen am Wallersee. The problematic subsoil made a pile foundation necessary. The building was erected as a reinforced concrete frame and the external walls were filled with prefabricated timber panels. Readymade, non-structural framework rails were attached as infill to the supporting structure and the building was sealed with a waterproofing system. A short completion time, a high level of prefabrication, a highly insulated external wall design and the building‘s low own weight are just some of the benefits of this construction method.


  • Weather protection or external cladding
  • Project completed in 2008
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