fermacell Powerpanel HD

fermacell Powerpanel HD

The glass fibre reinforced light weight concrete board with exceptional performance for internal and external application.

fermacell Powerpanel HD can be used wherever building materials are exposed to demanding conditions – particularly from water exposure or mechanical loading, for either internal construction,exterior facades or in industrial applications.


  • Approvals

    European Technical Approval


    General Building Approval


    Building material class pursuant to DIN EN 13501-1

    Non-combustible, A1

    IMO FTPC part 1


    Component classification

    National / European

  • Dimensional tolerances at constant humidity for standard board sizes

    Board thickness

    15 mm

    Length, width, thickness

    ± 1 mm

    Diagonal difference

    ≤ 2 mm

    Board formats

    1000 x 1250 mm
    2600 x 1250 mm
    3000 x 1250 mm

  • Characteristic values

    Gross density

    950 ± 100 kg/m³

    Surface weight

    approx. 15 kg/m²

    Balancing humidity

    approx. 7 %

    Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient

    μ = 40 *

    Thermal conductivity λ10,tr (in acc. with DIN EN 12664)

    0.30 W/mK

    * Powerpanel HD incl. tested HD joint technology and plaster system.
    Further data and information concerning strength values can be found in the
    European Technical Approval ETA-13/0609 or General Building Approval Z-31.1-176