For centuries wood has proven itself as a building material. However, with the industrial revolution in the 19th century and the associated transition from handcrafted individual production to industrial mass production, wood was displaced by new building materials that could be produced in large quantities. After that, timber construction was a niche market for a long time. In the meantime, timber construction is on the upswing again. The proportion of timber construction is rising continuously. Not only are more and more private builders opting for wood as a building material for their one- or two-family homes - there has been a significant increase in multi-storey residential construction in particular. Even non-residential buildings such as day-care centres, schools, nursing homes or even office buildings are now being built in wood. For extensions, timber construction offers above all static advantages. In multi-storey construction, hybrid construction is becoming more and more popular, making targeted use of the advantages of solid and timber construction:
With material and processing properties that are very similar to wood construction and fast processing, fermacell® gypsum fiber boards complement the advantages of wood as a building material and also offer decisive arguments against other building materials such as wood-based panels. 

Most applications in timber construction can be carried out with only one type of board. fermacell® gypsum fibre boards can be used universally as construction, fire protection and moisture-proof boards and are equally suitable for wall and ceiling constructions. For the majority of requirements - also in fire protection - a single-layer planking is completely sufficient. This is because the boards are particularly stable and resilient due to the special manufacturing process in which recycled paper fibers are pressed together with gypsum and water under high pressure. The processing of only one type of board with single-layer planking also makes the use of fermacell® gypsum fiber boards particularly economical. The lower material requirement noticeably reduces costs and ensures shorter processing times.
A fast and weather-independent prefabrication of the individual components under ideal conditions guarantees a high quality of the components, makes on-time planning and assembly possible and ensures short construction times. When assembling fermacell® gypsum fibre boards, no acclimatisation times of several days need to be taken into account. Rather, they can be processed immediately after delivery without any loss of time. This accelerates the entire prefabrication process and binds less storage volume. This quickly creates space for new projects and increases cost-effectiveness.


Due to their high stability, fermacell® gypsum fiber boards can be used both load-bearing and stiffening and can be used for planking and cladding components.
Earthquake resistance
fermacell® gypsum fibre boards are durable - even when the earth is wobbly - and can be used in all earthquake regions for the construction of single-storey and multi-storey buildings in wood panel construction. The corresponding suitability of areas has been proven in extensive investigations at various European institutes.
Sound insulation
Even single-ply constructions planked with fermacell® gypsum fibre boards achieve better sound insulation values than, for example, constructions planked with two-ply wood-based panels. Various testing institutes have confirmed the excellent sound insulation properties of fermacell® gypsum fibre boards.



Your advantages with fermacell® at a glance:

  • Simple installation
  • Stable and resilient
  • Safe fire protection
  • Best room climate

Fire protection
Timber construction with fermacell® gypsum fibre boards is also on the safe side in the event of fire. They are classified as non-combustible according to the requirements of building material class A2 and thus offer reliable and high band protection. Wooden constructions covered on both sides with a single layer of fermacell® gypsum fibre boards easily achieve fire resistance class F 60.
Healthy room climate
As a natural building material, wood contributes to a pleasant room climate. fermacell® gypsum fibre boards supplement these properties by regulating humidity and temperature. Since fermacell® gypsum fibre boards are manufactured exclusively from natural materials without any glue additives, they do not contain any hazardous substances such as formaldehyde. They have been proven to be practically emission-free. These positive building biology properties of fermacell® gypsum fibre boards have been confirmed by the Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim with the IBR test seal and by the renowned Cologne eco Institute with the award of the "Low-Emission Product" certificate.



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